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Two Million Steps Closer to #CureSDS - 2021

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Welcome to the TWO MILLION STEPS CLOSER TO #CURESDS fundraiser page!

  • When? September 20st-26th, 2021

  • Where? Virtual! Run/Walk/Roll wherever you like!

  • What? Fun!!! Fundraise and Run/Walk/Roll in your community!

  • Why? To build community and raise funds for SDS research!

  • How? Since you are here, you are likely already registered. Now just get hooked up to the leaderboard!

Your T-shirts (if you requested one or more) will be on their way, shortly. The cutoff date is August 29th, 2021. 

20210919 CureSDS T-shirts 242250176_313191657272757_2563016639808261458_n.jpg

Now let's get moving! In the time period between September 20th-26th, count your steps with your favorite device/app. You don’t have to buy a device, if you don’t already have one! Most smartphones have built-in or free pedometers/step counting/fitness apps available! 

To make step counting and sharing your count really easy, we will set up a leaderboard on You can create an account, and choose group #CureSDS anytime to explore and connect your tracking device or app. However, the actual challenge and options to create and join teams will only appear during the challenge period September 20-26th. So be sure to log back in on September 20 to join your team.


Since the event is virtual, there are plenty of safe options observing any recommended COVID-19 precautions. You can even do the challenge at home.

Questions / Comments? Contact us at the SDS Alliance: or +1-617-329-1838


And just like that, it's a wrap. The conclusion of the 7-day long challenge: TWO MILLION STEPS CLOSER TO #CURESDS is worth celebrating. You stepped up big time and logged - drumroll please! - 03.6 MILLION STEPS  ! With your support, we have also exceeded the fundraising goal of 0$10,000   for this fundraiser.

Congratulations to the winning TEAM Als Pals.png
Congratulations to the winner Cindy.png
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